Saturday, September 8, 2007

August Summary – Michigan to Maine

End of first complete month on the road. Here's the summary, the dashboard, the box score...

Over 2300 miles, at about ~12.5 mi/gal - ouch!, $730, High water mark of $2.99/gal in Michigan, $2.79 in Ohio

One bike rack brought from the dead to the living – here's a picture of a bolt replaced with a hardened one. [8/16 -02]

$57 on toll roads. Over $600 spent on campsites with a high-water mark of $67/night (including the extra $3/night/kid) at Niagara falls. At $67/night even running the air conditioner in the camper with door and windows open - we can't offset this (though the frig open helps)! Also I normally am very careful to keep the boys from getting too loud especially as it gets dark, but not when you pay per kid. One awning clip was broken and replaced within the week, one dent in the truck from a grocery cart. Nobody has been voted off the camper as we still have the same 4 kids (...and luckily for the parents, the boys are not allowed to vote them off). We saw 7 states, one grandma, and some great friends. Many miles hiked, many miles biked (one bike crash) and one mountain climbed.

It was a good month, we just might go the distance.

sad bolt

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