Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cape Cod, MA (Mon.9/10-Wed.9/12)

The boys played some great games including: rules for starting their own colony, collection of sea artifacts – organizing, categorizing. It was cool that they were applying what they learned with making a contract for their new colony, but I was a little leery that we would have a coup on our hands. The sea item collection was going well until my 10 ½'s stepped on the bit crab shell they found – it didn't make that “I'm now broken sound” it made that “I'm totally and completely destroyed – way to go Dad” sound. End of crab, but the other items are still a nice collection.

We tried letterboxing – a game where you find a box given certain clues. In the box you find a stamp to label your personal notepad and a place to use your personal stamp to leave trace of your attendance. We only found one of the 3 boxes that should have been along the trail, but it was getting dark and hard to see.

We went for a bike ride along the canal and down to the beach for a mini-swim – yes it's cold North of Cape Cod

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