Friday, September 21, 2007

New York, NY (Thr .9/13,Tue.9/18)

We've had a couple days in New York City now. One of the things the boys wanted was the “I heart NY” t-shirts. They were 2 for $5, I tried to haggle with him, but they were firm on their price. I know it doesn't cost them $2.50 a piece with the volume they order them in, but I paid the money anyway. Heck, we're in NY let's live a little. Now, having 4 shirts, but $10 poorer (I'm not complaining about the $64 to take the train in) I started looking for a t-shirt for myself. Specifically to capture my sentiments I wanted a “I tolerate NY” t-shirt. I really think they might sell.

We met a really nice man who sold us smoothies. He gave large samples to the boys (an effective trick to draw in the parents I know) and was really nice. We walked away happy but found that he gave us a counterfeit bill. Nothing says I Heart NY like a counterfeit 10 dollar bill. The kicker is when I asked a police man what I should do with it, he hemmed and hawed a bit and after confirming that it was counterfeit, said “you should try to pawn it off on someone else”.

The statue of liberty was kind of fun though you can't go to the top anymore. Security has greatly increased. We had our lunch packed but made the mistake of bringing a “real” butter knife. It was confiscated by security – I imagine a huge bin of butter knifes somewhere in the back. But the good news: we weren't able to assassinate lady liberty. Safety first. Though Mr. Spoon doesn't work as well as Mr. Confiscated knife for spreading cream cheese. We took a bunch of pictures but you can do a google image search and find better ones online so I present my best picture to you of a statue about 4 inches tall available in the gift shop. Also here's a picture of the boys picking the nose of replica lady liberty. Sure to make the French proud.


Bobo/Papa said...

This will be the last check of the blog before we see you. Hip hip hooray!!! Loved the pics and update of New York. See you Tuesday.
Love, Bobo and Papa

Auntie Amy said...

Okay, so I am officially annoying my husband now cause I keep letting out bursts of laughter and he's on a very important phone call...if looks could kill!! So awesome to here about your adventures. What handsome boys in their matching shirts! Love you all!!

Anonymous said...

We are praying that God will bless and keep you on your trek. We are enjoying the letters, so are Nate & Heather and their kids.

Please send us your E-mail address I want to send you something.

Love Fritz & Linda