Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sandwich, MA (Mon.9/10)

Sandwich Glass
The lost art of Glass blowing. The demo was very quite excellent, the boys were able to participate, we got out of their without breaking anything.

Dexter's Grist Mill
A couple experienced gentlemen provided a tour of their mill. We saw it in action and bought what came out. The stone is over 300 years old and they guess can go 1000 more (the stone is “dressed” about every 20 years or so). I give this little tour a 5 star rating – it was great!

Thorton Burgess
We toured the Thorton Burgess museum. Yes, you know, the one who wrote brer rabbit. Well, Thorton is no longer with us, but brer rabbit lives on.

Hoxie House - Cape Cod salt box classic home style dates prior to 1675 -- lived in by just 2 families from 1675 to 1953. Answers the unknowns of today's vernacular such as: “Sleep tight”, “dead as a door nail”, “tying the knot”, “spinsters”, “whistle while you work”, “don't throw out the baby with the bath water” and on and on. Who knew? Now knowing the origins of some of these, maybe we should have let them die, but very interesting none the less.
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