Tuesday, May 13, 2008

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO (Fri.5/9)

There is a free tour which takes you in some of the buildings. Sometimes, instead of going in, they just take you up to the windows for you to look in. It feels a bit strange just peering in the fish bowl. We saw greco-roman wrestlers, weightlifters and trampoliners practicing and, without athletes, but the facilities for the gymnasts, shooting range and swimming pool.

The shooting range is the only building you can go in as a guest without an escort. I figure it's because if you do something wrong they will just shoot you. Which seems fair...

The targets are way at the other end

I'm watching the trampoliners this summer. They were crazy gymnasts going over 30 feet up doing trick after trick.

Without proper supervision they are just fighting for 1st place, none of them having earned it

Another bonus, the '04 Athens Olympics gear is on sale, go figure.


Anonymous said...

Hey boys! This is the Jaramillo's,or should I say Jaramillo's + Bobo. Your pictures at the oylimpics were cool! Take care of my mom and baby brother or else YOU'LL HAVE TO SEE ME IN JUNE! Just kidding!!!!!

Love Aliah!

G Nelson said...

Hey Aliah!
This is the Nelsons, or should I say the Nelsons+Amy and Alijah. Oh don't worry about Amy and Alijah, we've only sent them to the hospital twice!
Totally kidding!!!!!!
Miss and love ya!
Say hi to Bobo and Amari,too!
E and family