Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs,CO (Mon.5/12)

The Focus on the Family empire handles 10,000 e-mails, letters, and phone calls each day with some 1400 workers.

They have a 3 story slide, but you can't be over 5'9” because some big guy got stuck a while ago... It just takes one to ruin it for the rest of us... Dad had to sit this one out, but Kobe was just tall enough (with his shoes on).

Kobe ordering ice cream at Whit's End

The Imagination Station was just an elevator (a bit disappointing)

The boys starred in their own Adventures in Odyssey ("AO" to our crew) action thriller (slight hyperbole used in “starred”, “action” and “thriller”, but from a parent's perspective...). We have many Adventures in Odyssey CD's which have been great on the trip – we're big fans, so this was a huge deal. We left with a CD of their audio performance with the AO stars' voices dubbed in -- it was really fun.

The faces behind the voices

The Foley artists – makers of the sound effects

The visuals which corresponded to the audio

The faces behind the real AO stars

Levi, Elan and I sat in on a Focus on the Family taping where Dr. Dobson interviewed Dr. Lewis author of Raising a Modern day Knight. I liked the book – I'll let you know in 10-20 years whether it worked or not.

Dr. Lewis and Dr. Dobson (Elan affectionately called him Bob Barker)

We spent our remaining time and money at the big bookstore.


Anonymous said...

I still listen to Adventures in Odysey even though my kids no longer do. There is always a good message for all of us. Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures, commentaries and history/geography lessons. It is fun to follow your family - I hate to see the trip end (as I'm sure you do also!!). Take care and remember, if you pass through Comfrey on your way home, please stop in!

Nelson said...

Always great to get a note from you, Jeri! Graham and I can relate to enjoying the Adventures programs right with the kids. We're glad you are "along for the ride" -- the relationships begun and strengthened on our trip have been a highlight. Thanks for the invite...
Kim and the guys

Anonymous said...

This was a fun one.
I loved reading about the Adventures in Odysey Day.!!!
That might be a good name for your whole trip.!