Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buffalo Bill, Cody, WY (Sun.5/25-Mon.5/26)

We bought a 2 day pass to five museums in one. Buffalo Bill Museum, The Whitney Gallery of Western Art, The Plains Indian Museum, The Cody Firearms Museum, The Draper Museum of Natural History, The Harold McCracken Research Library.

We spent most of our time in the Buffalo Bill Museum.

another picture substitute as I didn't get a good picture of Buffalo Bill

The Firearms were very interesting as well – covering the history of firearms, about 2700 firearms on display. They had a great video showing how modern firearms are made. After a while they started to look all the same – but I'm sure a trained eye can identify the nuances.

The Big highlight of Cody, Wyoming was meeting Bobo and Grandpa. A special grandparent treat – the boys take turns choosing where they want to eat for supper.

Levi's choice of Dairy Queen

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