Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trophy Time, Castle Rock, CO (Thur.5/8)

Colorado is “on the way” from Seattle to St. Paul, or so we convinced the Leberts.

We ordered some trophies for the boy's great accomplishment at the Grand Canyon. Since Kobe didn't go (or get a trophy) he helped with the presentation. In usual style, I presented from youngest to oldest. Shae was genuinely surprised, but Elan and Levi played along very well. They were all very excited and very appreciative. The trophies read: “In His Strength, Grand Canyon 2008” Congratulations boys!

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Anonymous said...

How special guys! You certainly deserve those trophies. Can't wait to see them in person. Loved the special pix of the ladies at the tea, too. LOVE to all!!!!