Sunday, May 11, 2008

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO (Fri.5/9)

It should be a lower case g in Garden of the Gods, but it's clear why the name...

Everything is free except the video in the visitors center (which is just a few bucks).

The 12 minute video explained how the rocks got there. Since I didn't catch the whole process of the rock formation I needed to simplify my take away from the video. The rocks went through a lot to get here so we better enjoy them.

No scrambling allowed, No going over 10 feet above the ground without a permit and climbing gear. We pretty much followed the rules, but it was hard. The boys love to climb.

Ed, Amanda, Digory and Shelby

With Pike's Peak in the background

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jp said...


What amazing adventures you have had this year!!! JP was very excited when I told him I saw Levi's name on a list of new Nova students for a mailing. JP will returning to Nova next year. When you return from your adventure be sure to call.

Jodi Gallagher

PS. YOu are in my (and the boys) favorite part of the country, I love looking at the pictures.