Monday, May 5, 2008

Tepleys + Bradbury Museum, Los Alamos, NM (Sat.5/3)

Saturday lunch with the Tepleys. I hadn't connected with Dan since college -almost 15 years. He's a fellow mechanical engineer so the bonds stay tight – err sure...

It was great to see him again and meet his wife and 4 great kids (3 girls and a boy). In typical fashion our boys were reluctant to go meet new people and when it was time, reluctant to leave again.

I brought the camera, but forgot to take a picture. Maybe I can get a file photo sometime. This prairie dog will have to do for now.

From the Tepley's we went to the Bradbury Science Museum.

I love this place – it's free, very interesting and a lot of new hands-on things for the kids (new since we were here last). Great information on the Manhattan Project and the beginning of Los Alamos. Our boys brushed up on their how to make an atomic bomb knowledge. We didn't leave enough time, but like all “good” museums they have the gift store open an hour longer than the museum. The gift store has lots of science books and kids science projects stuff, not a stitch of Plutonium for sale however (I probably hit all the hot buttons on the search list “how to make an atomic bomb”, and “Plutonium” - hopefully they will only visit the blog).


K Klapoetke said...

I was recently at a 'science' convention where one of the seminars was about Los Alamos, and included (very old) scientists and military personal who had lived and worked there. it was very cool to hear about, and interesting how incredibly important physicists were at one point in our nations history. Now they just accuse us of trying to destroy the world with black holes. I ask you, is that fair?!?

G Nelson said...

My hope is that we some day will have a use for them again, until then, we just have to love them anyway (which ain't easy). -Graham