Friday, May 16, 2008

Family & Red Rocks, CO (Wed.5/14)

It's been hard going from seeing Amy several times a week in St. Paul to a couple times this year. So we imported her and Alijah to Denver.

Holding less than 10,000 in the amphitheater, but getting the biggest names around it has the appeals of great acoustics and a great view

Denver hiding in the background

Adding more family, we met cousin Karin at Red Rocks. She's planning on coming back to the Midwest soon, so we figured she should just finish out the trip with us (we haven't quite talked her into that yet).

the trio at Red Rocks

Some of the famous artists and concerts at Red Rocks

the good news is that I got Kim front row seats at Red Rocks (you'd think she would be happier)

Our 45 minute hike was too short, put it on the list of places to come back and hike around more

Close by is Morrison, CO for some ice cream

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nelsons'!! Alijah and I (the rest of the family, too) are already missing you a bunch. Don't worry, I haven't sung "the song" to him yet and promise I won't...he'll have to wait until you guys get here in June. Thanks again for such a wonderful, special time. We are so blessed by each and every one of you!!!

Love ya to Red Rocks and back...Amy