Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tea time, Glen Eyrie, CO (Thur.5/8)

It's so great to have the Internet as we're cruising down the highways – we pass something and Google it!

When I googled Glen Eyrie, the Navigators headquarters, I found that they serve a real English tea every afternoon (except Monday) at 2:30. Amanda & I got a reservation for Thursday afternoon for a tea party in a castle!

It was “lovely” -- add to my list of girly blessings during this year with five guys in a camper. :-)



Berryhill Clan said...

You've had tea in the castle--I've slept in the castle. As well as had many meals there, played spades and listened to many talks given by Godly men and women. In college we used to go to 'The Glen' for our spring break trip w/ BSU. What a beautiful place! Love to all of you! We miss you!

Chase Us said...

Now you are practically Navigators with us. Welcome to the family!!