Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twins/Rockies, Denver, CO (Fri.5/16)

The light rail got us from close to our camp site to a block from the stadium. As expected, it wasn't too busy on the way to the game and can't-take-a-full-inhale, standing room only after the game.

From the outside Coors Field looked a bit busy / confusing, but on the inside, the stadium was excellent.

There were tons of Twins fans there – I even heard Rockies fans remarking how many there were.

I love watching Gomez run the bases and it's fun rooting for the visitors – especially when they win. This was the first time the Twins have played at Coors Field – so maybe they were brought out of hiding for this.

There was a 2% chance of rain in the afternoon moving to 0% chance by game time.

The Colorado weather predictors were wrong again. We didn't get a lot of rain, but enough to remind us that we were enjoying an outdoor game. It was an exciting game with a 4-2 win for the good guys.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to check the blog for a couple days. Enjoyed all the Denver pix and adventures but really loved the picture of the three lovely ladies. Mama