Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bandelier, White Rock, NM (Fri.5/2)

Bandelier National Monument in the Frijoles Canyon where the Anasazi peoples dwelt between 700 and 450 years ago. We hiked up into their cave dwellings and overlooked their mud-brick pueblos.

It's a beautiful canyon that we had the chance to tour with Levi and Elan about 6 years ago. Not much has changed, but it was very pretty and we were not as hot as I remember back then. The boys were Jr. Rangers yet again and are getting quite a collection of badges and patches I must say.

On our way out we drove by Camel rock – you can't beat that – it actually looks like a camel. While I prefer 2 hump camels myself, it still isn't bad. We didn't take the time to pull over and more fully examine the camel, the drive-by camel viewing will have to do.

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Anonymous said...

The kids (especially Amari) love camel rock...pretty amazing how similar it looks to a real one. They had a hard time believing people actually lived/live? in those cave dwellings. They're pretty sure I'm just making that up. Missing you mucho...........

The Jaramillos'