Monday, March 24, 2008

Yosemite National Park - Day 2, CA (Tue.3/18)

Going to see the Big Sequoia trees. In the winter, you can't drive the Sequoias, you must hike – great, I'd rather hike anyway. Kim wasn't feeling totally up to speed from a cold she had, so it's Dad and the boys. The trail to the trees was 2 miles uphill on a snow packed road. If you walked backwards it looked downhill but that didn't seem to help.

The trail was wide and in fact not a trail at all thus not fitting Kobe's description of “hiking”.

The gumption left Kobe quite quickly which left me holding the bag, or rather, Kobe... on my shoulders most of the way.

The trees were big, they were worth it.

Levi is holding the "fish" a bit closer to the camera to make the catch look a bit bigger than actual.

Some kids were sledding down the road on the sled that their dad used to pull them up the big long hill – which is much better than carrying them. Why are some people better informed than others? OK, why are so many people smarter than me? This was genius, pure genius – the trail was made for a sled. But, nowhere to buy a sled, not at this hour. So I carried Kobe back down the snowy road.

Big pine trees too! = Big Pine cones

Back to the truck – and listening to the Chronicles of Narnia (thanks Berryhops), I drove our crew back down the twisty road. I don't think I was driving faster than the day before, but when I turned around Kobe didn't look so good... before I could pull over he was puking all over himself, Mr. booster, Mr. backpack, his brother's backpack, book #1, book #2, the floor mat, the carpet and a few assorted other truck junk. Why do we have so much stuff in this truck? I had little sympathy for the boys complaining about how bad the smell was, but thankfully I didn't loose it and calmly cleaned the truck for the next 20 minutes. By then, Kobe was feeling all right, so we eeked our way the last few miles. It's all good.

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Anonymous said...

Sue P. from Nova here... Happy Easter to the Nelson Family! He is Risen! :)

Yosemite. What a wonderful National Park. Again, I'm envious of your trip and wish we could retrace some of our steps there from Spring Break a few years ago.

It continues to be fun to read about your adventures. Kim, I hope you are feeling better.

Take care.