Sunday, March 30, 2008

Redwoods, Northern California (Sun.3/23, Tue.3/25)

We saw the redwoods in two places: Avenue of the Giants off Highway 101 and the Redwood National Park. The drive along 101 was fantastic for seeing the countryside – the mountainous terrain. At one point we ducked off 101 to do the Avenue of the Giants.

You can't really appreciate the size of these trees as there is so much that you can't see. For comparison, the Red Woods are taller but the Sequoias are bigger around. The fact that redwoods get to nearly 400 feet tall and Sequoias are merely 300 something doesn't hurt them as you can't tell the difference. The sequoias look bigger and are the more spectacular to see (I think). But, with that said – the redwoods were still mouth dropping.

Most of the trees were about 500 years old, though they frown on you cutting them down to count the rings, some are 2000 years old.

In the Redwood National Park we saw the aptly, but not so creatively named “Big Tree”. We checked it out and determined it was, a Big Tree.

Levi took 15 seconds to run around the Big Tree

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Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! We finally got a chance to sit down and get updated on your adventure. GREAT pictures and stories - you guys are really living it up! Keep the blog entries coming - they are so fun to read. We miss seeing you guys around HCC.

The Chmieleskis