Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day at the beach, Ventura, CA, (Sat.3/15)

We have seen the Pacific, but hadn't had a real day at the beach.

We called and there was no paragliding today. How can it be too windy for paragliding, I ask?

Looks more like hurricane photos, than family beach pics. That's as close as we made it to the beach and the camera didn't leave the truck.

It was like being sand blasted when you were outside. The boys didn't spend much time in the wind tunnel. You have 7 layers of skin and the kids complain when they are missing just one!

Unresearched and unplanned, we came upon the Channel Islands National Park visitor center and warmed up in the theater during the 15 min. orientation film. The boys enjoyed the hands on area (always nice when the "hands-on" is actually encouraged!). We returned "home" (after washing the truck), feeling a little defeated, but knowing God is in control of the winds - We can't even choose when we will have a day at the beach.

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