Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, CA (Mon.3/11)

The Library walked us through the journey from Reagan's boyhood, sports, radio, acting, to politics. The majority of the museum of course focused on his time as president: confronting communism in the cold war, being shot, and his many quotable speeches and lines.

Air Force One – decommissioned as recently as '01. It looked a bit dated inside, but certainly contained all the amenities.

The grounds outside were spectacular.

4 boys picture number 823

The biggest gun fighter against communism, Reagan was presented this chunk of the Berlin wall.

Exact scale replica of the oval office

The find-the-eggs game kept the boys entertained, though I know they learned a lot along the way. There were free jelly beans (of course, Reagan's favorite treat) at the end for the boys completing the egg hunt.

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