Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Animals & Hiking, Pearblossom, CA (Thur.3/13)

We've got a teenager in the house! Happy Birthday Levi!

The Pressley's have some great friends with animals. So on Levi's birthday – we went to check them out.

The boys enjoyed riding the horses and hanging out at the hobby farm.

The one family had Nigerian Dwarf Goats (lower right pic). After milking one of these NDG's, Kim kind of got a liking to them and wants to have Nigerian Dwarf goats, 14 ½ years of marriage and look what I'm still learning!

On our hike we saw the San Andreas fault. I always thought “San Andreas” would have been a fitting name for one of our boys. When someone was guilty of something and we were blamestorming, it would make things so much easier.

On the way to Devil's Punchbowl...

Shae's reaction after I said I got a picture of his pants going “homey”

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Anonymous said...

The California pictures & stories are some of your best.
4 laughing boys sitting on the fence rail is so terrific !
I loved the photos of the Joshua Tree hike, the paragliding hug, & the boys with the animals.
Keep 'em coming.
This is the best trip I've ever not taken !