Monday, March 10, 2008

Joshua Tree Natl. Park, CA (Fri.3/7-Sun.3/9)

Joshua Tree... well, if it's good enough for U2, it's good enough for team Nelson.

They've got fantastic hiking here. Part one was hiking up and along a ridge going about 6 ½ miles.

Kobe had to be carried a bit, but we all made it. We brought a large lunch for a picnic in the middle of the path. After bagels and cream cheese and other assorted lunchies, we played some cards. I kept waiting for someone else to come along to invite them to join in but I think we were on the road less traveled or not traveled this far. Fantastic hike, we all slept well.

Joshua Tree National Park also has rocks, big rocks.

I don't think they are called Joshua rocks, but as far as anyone knows... Now, the boys liked the trees and all, but the climbing they could have done a lot more of. Fantastic!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful country! You must all be in the greatest shape with all the hiking and climbing. It was great to talk to most of you yesterday. Miss you and love you!!

The Jaramillos'

Anonymous said...

Dear LESK,
Guess what? Yesterday we got a new cat!It's a boy cat we named Lightning or Bandit,he's pitch-black and really rubable.He's 6 months old,really playful and really,really snuggable.Stormy still hisses at Lightning,but they're getting used to each other pretty quickly.Today when I put him on my bed he snuggled down pretty quickly but when I came up there he snuggled on me.I sort of had my hands in a hoop shape and he came and slept right in the hoop of my hands,and when ever I moved he started purring all over again.He practically purrs when ever someone comes near him.He's sitting by me right now purring.He's more emotional than I thought he'd be.The same day we got Lightning,we had a Bon-Fire with a few teens from Daddy's youth-group.We had hot-dogs,smores,the usual bon-fire stuff.When we were done with the food,we put a whole lot of things in the fire and made a huge fire.Sounds like you had a fun time in California.Sorry about the cactus Shae.Sounds like it hurt.Happy 13th Birthday Levi!Your finally a teenager!I can't wait to see you again in Minnesota!Well,gotta get to bed.

Your cousin,
P.S.Love Ya!