Sunday, March 16, 2008

NBC Studios, Burbank, CA (Wed.3/12)

The movie sets and tours are very expensive so we brought it down a notch and went to the NBC studios where they shoot many of their shows. They didn't allow you to take pictures except their outside sets.

Jay Leno was in the building the day we were there, but we didn't see him. We did see his car of the day – an old Packard I believe. Jay has over 200 cars and 50 motorcycles which he keeps in a hanger at the Burbank airport. He has someone take his end-of-day car to the hanger and bring his next one ready for the next morning. A bit backwards from the rest he wears the same clothes to work every day (changes into a suit when he gets there) but he drives a different car every day.

We sat in the Tonight Show seats. It looks smaller than when you see it on TV, partially due to the cameras which make it look larger than actual (they say the camera adds 10lbs, with its slight optical distortion it actually adds 10 feet across the stage)

We got a flashback of the old Blue screen technology which is usually now a lime green screen – used by weathermen and some modern movies.

Days of our Lives had lots of sets and it's own warehouse section for every prop or furniture piece ever used as well as racks full of carpet so they can re-shoot flashbacks (vs. showing the original footage) and set off the fanatic fans who would notice any slight change in color or texture of a scene.

I'm far removed from the TV scene (our tour guide talked about many shows, actors and actresses that I had never heard of), but it was still a great tour and worth seeing a bit of how it works.

Across the street from NBC was the Johnny Carson Park - this one's for you, grandpa!

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