Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pressley's, Acton, CA (Sun.3/9-Sun.3/16)

The Pressley's – a great family of 2

We hadn't seen them for 1 ½ years - since they left Minnesota. Other than the fact they are living in the land of 10 mile drives which are 1 hour commutes, they are doing really well. While they were busy much of the time with school and teaching, we still had time for some fun including a fantastic hike at Vazquez Rocks. Here's a bad picture of some of the different movies / TV shows that have been filmed here. Some are animated movies... I'm not sure how that works exactly.

"Why can't I hang over the edge, dad? I did it a minute ago when you weren't looking."

They've got a house on a hill (looking at the back of the house, down the backyard hill)...

The Pressley campground is a nice spot! – a few less
trees across the way because of forest fires last year.

We had a cheesy movie night: King Kong ('74 version) and Godzilla. It was a great duo combo – except for the fact that Kobe cried after King Kong died... sigh...

We finished our great stay by going to church with them Sunday morning. They attend a lively, relatively new church where the gospel is preached – we really enjoyed it. Kong-sized thanks to the Pressley's for hosting us and for your friendship!

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