Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Erickson's, San Clemente, CA (Sun.3/2-Tue.3/4)

We hadn't seen the Erickson's in many years. It was one of those, “wow -- the kids are so big” kind of deals. We met them at their church -- some good pure gospel preaching out of Romans 1. He hammered the truth that we are made right with God only by what Christ did on the cross and by nothing we have done ourselves – I love the pure gospel!

We played in their back yard, which is a public park, playing baseball, soccer and having a grill out.

I thought we'd see them just Sunday afternoon and we ended up connecting with them Monday night at our campsite and again Tuesday night back at their house. They might have been worried we weren't going to leave, but if so they didn't let it show.

Another family with 4 kids that makes quite a pack when we're all together.

What a talented crew. I knew Dave and Leann were musical and should have guessed they'd pass it on. And how!

Thanks, Erickson's, for your friendship and the time we could have with your great family (and the grill out, pizza, laundry – the whole deal).

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