Monday, March 17, 2008

Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA (Wed.3/12)

$8 to park at the Getty seemed a little steep, but when I figured we could divide it among the 6 of us, it wasn't so bad. After the $8, it's free. You take a little tram and you're in. They have plenty of people to help make sure you don't touch the art or even get close to the art. We received a couple "too close" warnings.

Too close

A kids section where you can do your own art (mine got erased before I could get a picture)

We waited to hear a monological presentation regarding a piece of art. When the speaker didn't show up, we considered having Elan do the presentation – knowing he could wing it like the best of the talking heads. Instead they apologized and offered us free audio headsets. The headsets describe hundreds of pieces of art. It was perfect for the non-readers like myself and Kobe (and much of the art had nothing to read anyway)

I know we all disagree with what is art and what's not art. My simple requirement has been that it must resemble reality in some way. Well, I need to refine this description as it is not restrictive enough. The photography area had a good sized room full of pictures of dead goats. I don't dislike pictures of dead goats, in fact I can genuinely appreciate dead goats, but uh... there's something I'm missing.

Kim did a great job explaining why there are so many naked people in art. I can't remember exactly how it went, but it was better than mine that “the climate was warmer back then”

The grounds were beautiful and the price was right, what more could you ask for?

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Anonymous said...

We were recently told that nudity in art was the only way to tell how a person truly looked due to no photography being invented and that God made each human different for a reason, so to represent each, it must be in the nude. You then see muscles, tension, expression, weight, wrinkles, etc.