Sunday, December 9, 2007

USS Yorktown, Charleston, SC (Mon.12/3)

The USS Yorktown is a big boy at 19,800 tons (though modern aircraft carriers fully loaded weigh in at 97,000 tons). There is a range of self-guided tours that take you through much of the ship.

The brig consisted of 4 rooms – 3 people per room (about 4 x 10). You're probably thinking that I was thinking about free babysitting again, well, yes... but in addition to that I was thinking about the very small size of the cells – maybe our modern prisons should more closely resemble this set-up. Though it didn't work out too well for the guy in this cell.

I couldn't understand the sign on this one. Someone has a painting stencil that says “DO NOT PAINT”. Am I missing something? Seems a bit hypocritical. Not that you can tell, but this is an F18 Hornet recently returned from Iraq.

The Charleston harbor also has a sub (the last of the diesels) and a what-it-would-have-looked like-at-a-Vietnam-MASH-site.


K Klapoetke said...

No painting? How do they mark on the fuselage the little planes they shot down? IN CRAYON?!? Seems like all the fun of flying a jet fighter is slowly being taken away from our boys in the field :~(

Nelson said...

Good point Mr. K - It comes back to that "military intelligence" I think.