Sunday, December 9, 2007

Charleston, SC (Mon.12/3)

It was a 540 miles round trip from Clemson to Charleston. We left the 5-er (that's 5th wheel trailer) and pricelined a cheap hotel room. After arriving in Charleston, everyone was anxious to get out of the truck. Levi named the following picture:

“Elan letting out the music inside him”

The boys were 4-packed in the back seat watching a movie on the way to Charleston – Shae is our temperature intolerant boy, several times he's had his shirt off and within a few minutes would have his sweatshirt on with hood up “freezing”

the view from our hotel - Shae "if I jumped do you think I would hit the water?"

Shae, do you really want to trust Kobe with that? He's looking for a match right now.

Charleston bridge

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and commentary, as always! Bring on our "E-music man" and the rest of the crew!! Three days and counting--WAHOO!!! Travel safely guys. Love, Bobo