Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rock City, GA (Fri.12/7)

Rock City was on our list of possibles, but it wasn't until the Tillman's said it was really good that we put it on the “go list”. You can see 7 states on a clear day. The kids liked it so much we all ran through it a second time. Thanks Tillmans. Elan wrote the commentary below, and the kids all selected the pictures. -Graham

We definitely had a great time at Rock City!

I truly thought that Rock City was the Hard Rock Cafe!?

They had some really cool rock formations, like needles eye and Fat Man's Squeeze. A couple more months at McDonald's and I couldn't have survived!

We all got a good share of extraordinary heights from Lover's Leap, a true drop off!

One of my favorite parts was Fairyland Caverns.

A very talented artist had made a variety of Fairytale scenes including Snow White, and Mother Goose. It was all in the dark, so it was glow-in-the-dark. It was really fun! I'm sure glad we stopped by at Rock City! -Elan

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Anonymous said...

Nice writing, E!! Sounds like a truly beautiful place. It's awesome writing this...knowing you're only an hour away from us in Cold Spring. We are SOOoo excited to have you back for a few days! Love you a bunch...Amy