Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dahlonega, GA (Wed.12/5)

Pronounced duh-lahn-uh-guh (fyi my text-to-speech software loves this word whether you write it phonetically or not)

The site of the first U.S. Gold-rush. The center of the town is built around a visitor center (below photo). I'm sure they have other industries, but it appears the whole town is built around being a gold-rush town during the 1800's. They made official US gold coins from 1838 until 1861. I know nothing of coin collecting but apparently these are some of the most sought after coins around (one of those... if you don't believe them, just ask them...). The display stuff was pretty good, but alas, no free gold (no free Harley, no free money, and now no free gold... I'm finally catching the pattern... he can be taught!)

we spent night camped out by the laundry mat – good times.

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