Sunday, December 9, 2007

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC (Tue.12/4)

The Magnolia plantation was a plantation for rice, until rice prices dropped and then they diversified...

The gardens are world renowned. The property has remained in the Drayton family for 11 generations (only once or twice did they not have boys and have to force sons-in-law to take on the family name. Lee, if something happens to Rob and you happen to have millions to pass on to a son – call me “Graham Boraas” – say the word – it's done.)

A couple gators about 10 feet from the golf-cart train

We opted for the nature train ride instead of the house tour (a+ on that decision as far as the boys were concerned) but the outside was decorated real purty for Christmas.

obligatory pictures of kids at petting zoo


Anonymous said...

As always, GREAT seeing/reading!
Two days - Wednesday to Friday!! It was to be a surprise Graham, but I suppose I have to tell you that eventually it will be "a million or two" for KG AND RL AND AA. Yah right!! Drive carefully and remember that Levi told me that he, if needed, is available for driving duty!
Hi Yo Silverado....Away!!
Love, GramPaw

Anonymous said...

hi kim it sami how r u guys i was so sad when i moved i didnt get to say godbye =[ wow u look like ur having fun keep in touch with me my email is kyle made it up but yea tell everyone i said hi an di miss them
i love you guys bye