Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clemson Tour, Clemson, S.C. (Wed.11/28)

Campus tour with Juli – she's not an alumni... but she did a great job with the limited time we had.

They have an ad-hock disc golf course on campus – hit the bell for one hole, bounce off statue man for another and so on. One hole puts your shots right over the reflecting pool and without much insight it was obvious Mr. Reflecting pool becomes Mr. Splashing pool real quick. We ended up not doing the course...

We visited a couple of the all-Tigers-all-the-time stores and I'd have to say they have the Gophers beat – they have absolutely everything you'd never need and more!

The big highlight was Death Valley, a crazy place to see a football game... maybe some day... they love their football in the South!

We stopped by their church – Downtown Christian Fellowship (dcf) and received autographed copies of two books from their pastor Winn Collier...

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