Friday, December 7, 2007

South Carolina Saturday, Clemson/Greenville, SC (Sat.12/1)

That Saturday that we had been “dreaming” about came. Kim went to Aveda in Greenville to see Juli and get a trim, wash & wax or some sort of full meal deal package.

left to right: not Juli, Juli, not Juli

Corey and 'da boys went to the park to play baseball – or some mix between kickball and baseball... when you don't have enough outfielders you can hit the runner to get them out – which ads a little twist to the game. We were playing with whiffle balls – so it's all good.

There was a parade going by so we watched until we had too much candy – it came in waves. We were at the end of the parade so many came with no candy whatsoever and then some came and dropped the rest of their stash in our laps... We kinda missed Halloween so this made up for it!

We had a whole fleet of jeeps, and a pink tractor – they pretty much had it all.

Corey resonated with Shae's “I'm all in” personality. Shae took this as a full green light for wrestling.

Corey as a jumping bag

That evening Corey and Juli took us out for BBQ. It was a happenin' place with live Mountain music to enjoy our ribs, hash, pork, and more. I missed bluegrass music at the Harvest party at Calvary this year... I think I've met my annual quota now.

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