Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, TN (Wed.12/12)

No concert, but we took the tour. It's all about the history. The old Ole Opry, the new Ole Opry. The membership, the members... Very impressive place – holds 4000-some people but attracts performers who fill up stadiums with their concerts.

Elan, Levi and Roy

Christmas came early for Shae and Kobe – we bought them each a guitar-shaped fly swatter. Happiness is...


Anonymous said...

Two of the most handsome cowboys we've ever seen!! Spending the better part of two weeks with all of you was the best Christmas present of the season. We also appreciate and are using the sweatsuit, planner and cute bag. The new game should help pass some time on the long trip to AZ. Miss you a bunch and can't wait to see you in AZ! Have a wonderful "Nelson time" in Florida!
Lots of love, Grampa and Bobo

Anonymous said...

When we posted the previous comment the picture of Shae and Kobe wasn't there. So, of course, we want to change that to FOUR of the most handsome cowboys we've ever seen!!!
G and B