Sunday, December 9, 2007

Team Kalbaugh

A touch of Minnesota and some genuine South Carolina rolled into one... the Kalbaughs. Our family was wonderfully blessed to be with Corey and Juli.

With awesome Southern hospitality, we were treated excellently. I really enjoyed getting to know Corey and the boys are pretty sure that he's mainly their friend and not mine. Kim did many loads of laundry there and once, when we left partially finished laundry, Juli even dried and folded my tightie-whities!??


Anonymous said...

Mom, Dad, and I all sat down to check out the latest additions to the blog...thanks so much to the Kalbaughs' for taking good care of our family. We are down to 5 days and counting. I'm pretty sure every cashier at our Target is now aware of the fact that "the Nelsons'" are coming to our house at the end of the week...although I shouldn't admit that cause it shows how often I go there. Anyway, can't wait and love you all!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you guys! When are you going to come back and play with us some more?? You know you can't get enough of the South... well, maybe you can, and you probably did... but we're always up for more of the Nelsons!

~Juli and Corey