Thursday, August 9, 2007

With the weather so nice (mostly) and visits with friends, we haven't had tons of time just hanging out in the RV. Below are some pics of RV activities we've enjoyed...

...okay, "enjoyed" might be a stretch! But truly, there is plenty of room to prepare a picnic lunch. I'm a white bread girl but Graham likes wheat and has always thought the boys might too so we're making the two-sided sandwiches using a slice of each. Going over pretty well.

Kobe and Shae (Levi pictured here with Kobe) love to line up their matchbox cars on the floor and then I don't know what they do except laugh when the rest of us trip over them.

Elan is our faithful journal keeper. He's figured out how many sheets of notebook paper he needs to write one page a day for the year. We'll have to start transcribing some of those for the blog.

We're trying to keep up with our US map and the state maps, routing our journey and learning states and capitals as we go. Here Shae is updating his blank maps using the US atlas and daddy's brain.
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The Jaramillos said...

Great idea with the bread, Kimmer. I've been stepping on my share of matchbox today, too!! Can't believe you are so far 3 pinkie lengths on a map. I'm heading to bed now...the kids, Alex and I love you all a bunch and miss you.