Friday, August 10, 2007

Superior dip

This is from Lake Superior a couple of weeks ago but we just figured out how to get it to our blog. Shae's response cracked us up.


Amanda said...

hey nelsons!!! we love you guys! We are at a "u of mn" kiosk right now, checking out your blog, on our date! Hope you're enjoying Niagara falls and pizza hut right now.

The Leberts

The Jaramillos said...

Hey guys!! Boys, you are such troopers...Shae, you rock!! We are loving the pictures and Aliah and Amari think it's great, too!! Such adventures!! Sending you lots of hugs from auntie Poops.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys did that! I never would have made it in further than my waste! Very impressive - although I noticed that Graham mysteriously was on camera duty for this one. -Norm