Saturday, August 25, 2007

Georgia, VT (Thur.8/23)

Another look at the Powell family

Pretty crazy having 8 boys together, yikes, but it was good. I think we were getting some strange looks when James couldn't make it on a hike and so it was me, 2 moms and 8 boys... looking kinda' Mormon I think... The Powell's - What a great family and a joy to be with!

At 8, Calvin is the leader of the pack. He is very inquisitive, always asking good questions. “Why are you doing that? How does that work? How does THAT work?,” etc.

Cole is the smiley-est 6 year old I know. This picture does capture him in a rare contemplative pose. We were on a hike along a river which met up with some falls. We splashed around on top of the falls and the pic is from our way down. I was helping Cole down some of the tricky spots. There was a bottleneck – one point where you had to go down single file to negotiate a steep narrow section. A husband was helping his very large wife down this section – telling her where to put each foot and hand, what to avoid and such. While Cole was sitting with his hands on his cheeks he said very quietly: “I think that lady is pretty heavy isn't she” I couldn't do anything but agree with him. “Yes” I whispered. Then he said “I don't think she's going to make it”. “I'm not sure either” I replied.

#3 is Elliot. Elliot is Kobe's counterpart at 4 years old. He's a bit like Shae, higher highs and some lower lows – very passionate.

Noah is #4. He has an awesome nickname “No-No”. But being 2 years old and with a nick-name of No-No, we of course heard from his parents no-no No-No. Sometimes when I'd say something he didn't understand, he would just go “hmmm” and so when he would say something I didn't understand I would just smile at him and go “hmmm”

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