Saturday, August 18, 2007

Niagara Falls, NY (Sat.8/11)

(Graham) The JetBoat “pilot” guaranteed us that every person would be completely soaked when done with the ride, but described the first 3 rows as "controlled drowning." We were too far back in line to get into the first 3 rows (and you need to be 12 or older) so Levi and Elan ended up in the middle and Shae and I in the back. Going upstream we slowly skirted the rapids, then steered to the middle of the class 4 & 5 rapids to begin taking on water. The water would spray up over the front of the boat as large walls of water wrapped around us. There were times of a second or two of complete water coverage then flowing water up over your knees as the water on the boat made a rush toward the drain holes. It was quite the ride, I highly recommend it. Thanks again to Ardy who allowed us to go!
Here are the boys very excitedly describing the experience to Ardy after the ride (they were both talking a million miles a hour as I'm sure you can picture)
Last attraction from our Niagara Passport was the rock wall. Kobe was too short -- story of his life! We explained to him, though, that he'd probably get a few vacations with just mom and dad when the other boys are grown up and gone. Never mind that he probably won't like it at the time -- it was some consolation now.

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trikes said...

Hi gang,
Looks like you're having a wonderful time. We're home from China! It was fantastic. Went very smooth, loved the people(kids in our camp), Jon did very well, seemed in his element. Learned some phrases and has his numbers down. Re-entry going pretty well. Plan to freeze up some peaches today. David played soccer for 2 hours in the rain. Keep C in your prayers about weather fears. Going so so.