Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spicer, MN

Our time at the cabin with Kim's family (and the last few days, with Graham's folks too) was a funny transition -- when we were there, it felt like our trip had already started. But saying those last good-byes and pulling away, it's really real. Two and half weeks of precious times and a great spring board to what's next! Mom cleaned out the pantry and frig of the cabin to fill up the RV while Ardy sewed one last specially fitted RV bedsheet in case one of the boys gets a bloody nose some night.

The boys enjoyed countless tube rides with cousins behind grandpa's boat. Shae's skiing was solid with one-hand tricks and going outside the wake. Levi finally got that back foot tucked into the slalom after dropping a ski. Elan recorded the efforts of the kids to capture and research bugs and they all got into some movie making with the video camera.

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