Monday, July 30, 2007

Temperance State Park, MN (7/26)

The boys found this gorge at Temperance where the river had worn into the ground leaving a cliff on either side. We would climb up the vertical face of the cliff (slight exaggeration) then cast themselves off a 40 foot drop (OK so another slight exaggeration it was more like 15 feet but still...) Levi, the author of this little piece, did a 720 off one of the sides. Elan tried and landed on his rebuttski. It was fun and we went back many times.


Colleen R. said...

Adam was asking about Shae today. He's missing him. I haven't had a chance to show him the blog yet, but I will soon. I love seeing your trip, you sound like your having so much fun! I can relate to the boys and bathroom thing - aren't they just amazing in their abilities - I can hardly wait to see what Mimi picks up from my boys.
Pray for us on Thursday - we have an appt. for Adam - 8:30 AM. We miss you.

Nelson said...

Colleen (& Adam),
Thanks for checking in on us and leaving a note! It's fun to hear from friends. How did things go at the dr? Hi to all...