Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lake Bemidji State Park, MN

Our first reminder to initiate the voyage with prayer was the spat that broke out between Shae and Kobe (who put them next to each other in the truck?) less than five minutes after leaving the cabin. Everyone took a turn either expressing gratitude for the many "sending" blessings or asking for grace and help for what's to come.

As I manned the map software I got my first lesson in the "reality check" -- even though the road was marked "Lake Bemidji State Park" I directed Graham past it to the next right turn that the map indicated. The U-turn he pulled off with our 50+ foot caravan was brilliant. His challenge came in backing into the site once we arrived. With the help of some friendly Canadians across the road, we made it.

We put quite a few miles on the bikes in two days, read lots of informational panels (bogs, dragonflies, etc.), and enjoyed Ardy's homemade cinnamon bread on the beach. The boys, especially the younger ones, are working on using voices that respect the nearness of our neighbors and can't be heard all the way to the visitor center. But they are, overall, so flexible and excited -- they were ready to dive into school work our first morning!

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Anonymous said...

Kim, What an adventure! I had not heard that you were going anywhere! Tell me about your plans! I will miss seeing you and the boys at Nova! Tasha