Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grand Rapids, MN

We made it to Grand Rapids to see our good friends, the Tillman's. They live on a beautiful lake with a lot of company -- Hanna who is ten loves animals of all kinds. Here's the current count: 2 dogs, 3 Cats, 2 Fish, 2 Bearded dragons, 2 geckos, 4 Bunnies (and counting), 1 Hermit Crab, 2 Birds, 1 Frog, 2 Guinie pigs - for a grand total of 21 animals.
There is a bald eagle that nests not far away, and some of the most beautiful iron range - lake country around!
With the truck's fuel filter changed and 2 days of being fed tons of food and treated like royalty, we must be on our way to the North Shore.


hscufsa said...

Wow! You guys are great...can't believe you are on your way. Addison was thrilled to hear from Shae. We will check the blog often and pray for your well being. Love, Scufsas

Anonymous said...

Y'all look great. Keep it up!


The Crocketts said...

Thanks so much for the update! We had no idea that ya'll we're undertaking such a huge adventure...we'd love to hear more about what you're doing--we want all the details!
Good luck--you'll be in our prayers.
Love, The Crocketts (Sally, Scot, Meredith, Ellie and "The Bump")