Friday, June 13, 2008

Home, St. Paul, MN (Tue.6/3)

The plan was to swing in to Frogtown--St. Paul, unload all the stuff into the house and drive down to the farm in Racine. A couple things could go wrong (at least a couple). 1) There often is no space on our street to park. Not a 20 foot truck and definitely not a 56 foot truck/camper/bike rack combo. 2) Rain is predicted 3) Can we unload things quick enough as we will have to slide out the slide-outs to unload and will protrude greatly into the street?

The Trifecta of answered prayer; it didn't rain, there was parking on our street and Lorelei called as we entered the Cities, offering to bring some Arby's sandwiches and help move the stuff out of the camper into our house. After unloading we trecked, for one last time, to Racine (100 miles south) to clean the truck and camper to get them ready to sell.

That's 42 of the 50 states, which is 84% and that's not bad (of course since Sen. Obama counts 57 states then we only hit 74%). We apologize to North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Indiana, and West Virginia – as your reputation as fly-over states is not deserving (we already apologized to Alaska and Hawaii before we started the trip)

The plan from the beginning was to go clockwise to avoid fighting the coriolis effect, but we had to zig-zag a bit out west to see more stuff.

The trip is done, sigh.... (Kim and I are in need of counseling... seriously) I will keep a few fun facts flowing for a couple days, but don't worry, I won't drag it on too much.

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