Monday, June 9, 2008

the Heads, Mount Rushmore, SD (Mon.6/2)

Amy, this is your last chance. Try to guess my favorite president.

Hint, did you know Lincoln is part of the fab four?

The last time, on this trip, we have to do gift shops – they are all the same, with all the same basic junk – little pocket knives with your name engraved, little shot glasses, little spoons, and of course lots of T-shirts... and everyone so very excited to spend their spending money (I guess that's what it's for). It's the answer to the trivia question – what was Graham's least favorite part of the RV trip? (That tells how great of a trip it has been)

Shae, picking his favorite president

Just hanging around the trail... we probably wouldn't have even noticed them if it wasn't for the lady with the large camera shushing us as we walked by.

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