Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gas prices...'s actually fuel prices, not gas that we were tracking. Anyway, here's a couple factoids:
Most miles on a tank of fuel – 1080 miles throughout Utah
Average fuel economy on the trip 13.91 mi/gal
Most spent on a fill-up was $327 in Gillette, Wyoming

Well everyone loves to talk about gas prices – here's the graph of the diesel prices this past year.

When we started the trip in June 07 – we were paying around $2.70/gal for fuel. But being a man of great insight I knew prices were going to increase and so budgeted for as high as $3.20/gal. Well, our high watermark was $4.69/gal in Gardiner, Montana

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heather scufsa said...

Love the graph! So glad you are all back safe and sound. Thanks for all the was wonderfully entertaining!