Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kilgores & Air boats, FL (Mon.1/14)

Pastor Chan is a good friend of both Dayton and mine from high school. It's fun to know all the dirt on a pastor (even if it's 20 years old), but alas, dirt on him is dirt on us so I guess we'll keep it in the archives. Chan has an awesome family: 3 girls, wife Stacey and his mom and dad are like parents to us too. P.S. - great pizza at Kelsey's in Cape Canaveral.

Chan's church... Crosspointe Church

Airboats are pretty cool. We saw a couple gators, but “normally” they see 50 or so of them sunning themselves (note to self, go on a hot sunny day to see those reptiles out tanning). One cool thing was to hear about the Blue Heron named the “baddest bird around” by the air boat driver. The Blue Heron is a vicious killer who ate all but 4 of the 50 or so hatched alligator eggs by “braining them” (piercing through there skulls with its beak) and swallowing them whole – which it can do even when their a couple years old and 3 feet long or so – who'd have thought? (don't worry there's millions more gators in FL)

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