Monday, January 21, 2008

Florida Activities, Cape Canaveral, FL (Jan, 2008)

The neighbor has a Harley Sportster that ALL the boys enjoyed.

After the camper was viciously, brutally, and un-provocatively attacked by a tree in South Carolina, I was able to fix a few things on the side of the 5'er. With my brother's help, we also made time to change oil, grease suspension, clean air filter and all that vehicle stuff.

We played on the beach capturing Hermit crabs – none of us were too eager to stick their finger down the hole to find those rascals but it was fun when we finally dug deep enough and pulled them up.

A new beach toy! The skimboard.

We played tennis with the whole crew. When they saw the amount of kids, I was accused of giving lessons (which you can't do of course because a tennis pro gets paid for that, but if they just watched me a bit longer they would know that my “lessons” were in no way endangering this... except for those who quit and wanted no part of tennis ever again... sigh)

A couple rounds of mini-golf AK vs MN compliments of grandma

Excitement captured – a nice spare without using any of the bumpers

We made a list of fun things to do when in Florida (~1 hour radius of Cape Canaveral) so we'll be back to chip away at this list.

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Anonymous said... many fun things!!! It was really thoughtful of you Kimmer... not including the picture of Graham with the bowling bumpers. We know how much he worries about to many people finding out.