Monday, January 21, 2008

Disney World (Thur.1/10)

Yes, we paid homage to the mouse, *sigh* Here's Dayton showing his excitement about going on “It's a small world”

If you go with Dayton you get free tattoo's for everyone – they are done with a sharpie marker of course (It started when he wrote “If found call ###-###-####” on his 7 year old... sigh)

Disney was pretty fun – we all got free ears too. I wore mine for quite a while, but I must say that being the cameraman has its privileges.

Space Mountain is always a favorite. What would be a very average roller coaster in the light, is made fun by not being able to see. Maybe we should wear blindfolds for all the rides at Valley Fair

Kobe was pumped to find that he was tall enough for Big Thunder (the inverse was true when he discovered he was not tall enough for space mountain)


Anonymous said...

Don't throw those "ears" away,Graham. We'll look forward to seeing them-on-
in AZ!! It is fun to see pics of Dayton and family and know how nice it was for all of you to be together in Florida. Prayers and love are with you!!
Bobo and Grampa

Berryhill Clan said...

Disney looked like fun! We are looking forward to your visit in just over a week!! Received some mail for 'E' today--made me smile. See you soon!
Steph and gang